Brands are intangible assets and account for on average 75% of the value of a company

Blake Deutsch

At Pinical, we understand that good design is critical to the success of your business

Compelling brand identity presents any company, any size, anywhere with an immediately recognizable and distinctive professional image that positions it for success.

A strong brand identity will help build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty, which in turn helps a company become more successful.

Managers who seize every opportunity to communicate their company’s brand value and what the brand stands for are building a precious asset.

FACT: Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners.
FACT: The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.
FACT: 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.
FACT: That means that the way your business is represented visually is critical to being a success!

So why is good design so important?

The importance of good design is often overlooked, but well designed graphics, marketing promotional material, signage, newsletters, websites and print can bring significant benefits to a business. Businesses that do not consider the importance of good design may be missing a vital part of their marketing strategy.

So why is good design important?

  • It builds a strong brand identify for your business
  • It can create and open new markets and opportunities for you
  • It can increase your sales
  • It can help you stand out from your competitors

Your identity is always communicating to your customers and clients, and good design communicates better. Do you know what your colours are saying to your customers? Do you know how the typography affects the shapes around it? Whether you want something cozy and approachable, or sleek and professional, determining the numerous important factors of your business identity is a huge part of whether or not you’re communicating clearly with your audience.

Good design can help you stand out from the competition. Maybe all your competitors have logos they created in Publisher, so you don’t feel like you need anything too fancy. However, creating a well-designed identity can make you appear so much more professional and established than your business rivals. This even goes for non-profit organizations, who need to look respectable and well-put together to people donating their time or money. In the digital age, people are constantly bombarded with images and text, so you want to know exactly how to stand out and look your best. If you take the time to work with a professional designer, they can help you develop the appropriate look for your industry.

With good design, you are more likely to be recognized and remembered by your customers and clients. Companies that utilize effective design strategies, like whittling their name down to one unique word or acronym (ie. Google, Apple, Twitter, IBM, etc.) and pairing it with creative, unique designs become more well-known among their client base. Their business is strengthened by it’s individual qualities of a solid name and a purposeful, good design strategy. It’s also important to build a brand identity guide, which can help you be cohesive throughout all your designs and not confuse your customers.

Good design can help you manage personal tastes with what’s good for your business. Say your favourite colours are bright orange and black. If you pair these together, you’re going to be conveying a message to your audience: Halloween. Unless you’re in the costume business, this may not be effective for your sales. It’s important that you love the colours and images used in your designs, but it’s also important that you’re not doing yourself a disservice by using them. Having a designer to work with can help you strategize how best to use the things you like to represent your company.

Good design will help you make the sale. Studies have shown that people are far more likely to go with the thing that looks nicer and more professional, whether it is a product or service. Think about it: you wouldn’t go to the store and purchase something that looked quickly put together, and you wouldn’t be drawn to a product that looked like everything else around it. Generic may be cheaper, but in the design world generic does absolutely nothing for your business.

No matter how large or small your company, professional graphic design can ensure your business is presenting its best. So to make sure you get the best from your brand, contact us today.